Family Matters…

I have always been close to my family, we are the load family you see in Hollywood Movies. We fight and laugh, we cry and tease and we forgive… in short, we scare most outsiders on first introduction because all of the above tends to happen at exactly the same time!

But on occasion things happen that makes the quick forgiveness impossible. On these occasions things become tense beyond believe, there are ruptures in the fabric of time and space, the world stops spinning and time stands still!

Usually its a small matter, a word said without thought, an action taken or not taken. Then the world splits in two, your either with the one party or the other… No matter how hard you try and keep yourself out of it you will at some point make a comment that will, in the eyes of the others, place you in your designated slot… for or against.

It tends to sort itself out at some point. either the aggrieved parties will sort things out with allot of shouting, crying (the ugly kind) and later laughter and hugs. Or the whole matter gets swept under the rug… its damn dirty under that rug!

At the end of the day all that matters is that we are family, and no matter the situation or how big the outfall touch one of us and you touch all of us. Then all family matters are put on hold and we sort out what needs sorting, we love and hate each other at the same time and with the same vigor.

I’m so happy that my son knows that type of love, that type of craziness and fun! Because in the end family matters!

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1 Response to Family Matters…

  1. Stephan says:

    They are the ones we can count on

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