Temporary empty nest…

With the large noisy family comes a very over involved grand mother! During the empty years I relied allot on my mother for support, and she was a godsend. On the days when I was sitting beside hospital bed after hospital bed she was there for me. She helped dry tears, and shared laughter, she was my rock just as much as I was hers.

Unfortunately she had to make a mind shift, no longer was I available at the drop of a hat to go shopping on Saturdays or have a series marathons on Sundays. She now has to call ahead to find out if we are available and plan ahead should she want a day with us. Our lives have just become so packed, we hardly ever spend a weekend at home. There is now the added friends to be seen, parents in-law to visit and on occasion our own plans as a family. 

But she takes charge and at least once every two weeks she wants her grandchild, bugger what we had planned. I just get a call “I’m taking him on Saturday” followed by a belated “Is that OK” not that she cares what the answer is…  

This weekend she took him for the whole weekend… it happens rarely but when it does the house feels so damn empty! Not that my son is noisy, but he does fill the space with laughter and toys. By Sunday morning my heart was aching, I wanted my son home! Before long he will be ready to head off to university, meet a girl, fall in love (and out of love a couple of times) he will start a life of his own, with a wife and our days will all be empty of his smiles until he has time to fit his mom and dad into his schedule.

But at some point he will give me a grandchild and I will become the over involved grandmother… I will steel him away for weekends, where I can spoil him rotten and say yes to all the things I had to say no too in the past, because a mother knows whats best but a grandmother knows whats FUN!

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