Fantasy and reality…

I have been extremely blessed with a child that truly has an extraordinaire imagination… but where does one draw the line??

Recently we where discussing his day and he informed me that he will be taking his Dragon out tonight to go visit a school friend… erm OK then, what does one say to this…

So I asked him which friend he will be taking out for a flight around town, his response switched on the brakes. The friend in question is only 6 so I had to have a good sit down with my son… explaining to him that even though he can fly dragons in his mind its dangerous to promise a 6 year old that you will be picking him up with a Dragon at midnight. As I sat there explaining why its dangerous (in my minds eye I was seeing this 6 year old climbing out of a window to await the dragon rider!) I see my sons face go a slightly sickly green and realized that his mind was also seeing what I was seeing. 

It took me a good half an hour to convince him that his friend will be OK. But at the end of it he understood that though he has a wonderful imagination he needs to pick the people and level he shares his gift with.

I truly love the fact that for one month straight my son insisted that he loves going to bed because when he sleeps he turns into a werewolf and goes running in the street scaring robbers…. and that the month before that he stole the Doctors TARDIS and went for a joyride through time and space! 

Going to the mall has proved extremely entertaining as we need to count the escalator stairs to insure there is enough room between the people in front of us and us… I mean really when cant expect his 15 imaginary brothers to fly up the stairs (i feel the need to mention that the remaining 35 brothers stayed at home because “they don’t like shopping”). 

Don’t get me wrong he fully understands the difference between reality and fantasy its just that as a single child his fantasies provide him with companionship and endless adventures. He can be Merlin or he can be Goku, he can even be a Merlin, Doctor, Ben10, Goku hybrid Avatar! Can you just imagine that TV show… a regenerating 10 year old with alien DNA who can control all elements and fly!

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3 Responses to Fantasy and reality…

  1. Sasha says:

    Haha, what am imagination!! I can only wonder the amazing places his creative mind will take him as an adult! Perhaps a screen writer, a novelist, the possibilities will be endless!

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