Uncommon common sense…

I’m a calm person but even a calm person has a limit…

Why do people feel the need to make mountains out of molehills. If you feel that you are being excluded say so, if the person responsible for the exclusion wants to repair the situation let them! Do not complain about exclusion and then complain about someone trying to include you… come on people its common sense. Yes yes I know common sense is not so common but still…

It drives me up the wall when a grown person uses less logic than my 8 year old! We all feel excluded sometimes, and yes it hurts. But continuing to lash out when someone is trying to repair the situation only makes you look petty and YES it will peeve off the person trying to fix things for you.

At some point I will say “Fine go sit in the corner and suck your thumb while hitting the back of your head repetitively against the wall! I’m DONE”

That’s my rant of for the week… now its Friday and I plan on enjoying the weekend with my boys and forget about the rest of the world!

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