A letter to my dad…

Dear Dad

Hell I miss you!

Its been 4 years and still something will happen every day where my immediate thought is you will love this…

I wish you could see your grandson and the stunning smart and amazing man he is turning into. I wish you could meet the love of my life, I know you would hit it off from the word go. I wish you could see how good my life has turned out and I know you would be proud of me! I’m proud of me for the first time in a very very very long time.

Mom moved and we found some old letters… among them an old letter you wrote me when I was about 17, I could read your pain dad, and I know that at the time I thought you cold and unfeeling. I know now that all those times you pushed me away it was only because you were scared I would turn my back on you just like all the other people in your life had done.

I’m glad that in the end you had accepted that I would not do that to you… I was there right to the bitter end and I’m glad of that! But I would love to have just one more bear hug, for just one more story next to a fire…I wish my son could hear the adventures of Picoliet the way I heard them, right from your lips.

I listen to Bach, close my eyes and I see the giant and fairies just as you described them to me so many years ago. Oooo how I wish for you to hear your grandson’s stories… he has your imagination.

It pains me so much that there will never be another… anything.

I love you always

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