Family fun…

Its been an amazing, full weekend!

Friday late afternoon kicked off our wonderful adventure… we went to see a dinosaur exhibit. AMAZING!!! The dino’s where all life size, breathing and moving and ROARING. Admittedly when we first entered Tris was skittish… he has an issue with overly loud repetitive sound like a vacuum cleaner’s buzz (and apparently a dino’s roar) so he kept to the center of the floor and said “i’m ok” over and over when we tried to convince him to come closer.

After going through the exhibit we watched a short 3D film (about the history of the earth… boy we are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things), when we stepped out Tris was rearing to go in again. This time he went in with no fear, he got up close and examined these creatures as if he was the first, last and only human who will ever see such a thing in all the history of the universe!

At some point he exclaimed “This is the awesomest day of my LIFE!” and our hearts swelled with love knowing that we had a part in putting that utterly amazing smile on his face.

Saturday dawned and we had to pay up on our little family bet, which my hubby won… naturally (well in his opinion that is). As his reward the two losers (being me and Tris) had to make the winner a meal of his choice. So we concocted a plan, if we have to do it lets to it right!!

I started with the prep work, chicken stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon… with couscous and gems. Tris got busy in our room with the rest of the surprised. We thought up an excuse to get daddy out of the house for a bit. The time to set up came and the BB’s DINER logo got hammered (well hooked onto an existing nail) onto the door. the table was set (candles and all) a menu (with admittedly NO variation) was ready for our customers perusal.

Tris made the starters of toasted cheese sandwiches, the mains where dished and ready to heat. I closed the kitchen door when I saw hubby park the car. Tris waited for him at the door and with a flourish showed our costumer to his table asking what he would like to drink and whispering the order to me through the kitchen door (after diligently writing it down on his order pad).

The meal went by without a hitch the only problem was that I had sent hubby to get bread for the bread pudding as stated on the menu… but by the end of all this I no longer had the energy to make the pudding. So as Tris took the plates to the kitchen whispered to hubby “you are full, you do not need pudding” with a pleading look in my eyes. This incited mutiny on the peaceful planet “Evil” (as dubbed by Tris) where the customer is never right as its the only diner on the planet and therefor we can make the rules!

The manager (being me) was called to kick the client out because he did not want pudding, this caused a debate which in turn caused the rule book (one of the folded blankets) to be quoted “rule 79 chapter 78300012 states… ” “yes but rule 973 chapter 4 row 9000000123 states…” it was such a rich fantasy that my son had created and we where giggling and out right laughing when Tris decided to directly translate from Afrikaans to English that the Cock (was supposed to be cook) can not marry a customer according to some rule or another.

Ending the weekend with a braai and Hot-wheel tournament just put the cherry on the cake! Hell I love my boys!!

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2 Responses to Family fun…

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh, what fun memories!! I have seen these dinosaur exhibits advertised but figured I may need to wait a few more years for mine to try it. I LOVE the way your son overcame his fear and had the greatest day of his life–precious!! I also love your family banter, bets, and competitions–how fun!! I think of my children growing with sadness sometimes, but stories like yours make me excited at the same time for these type memories!

  2. Each period of a child’s life is magical, and yes you’re sad to see the changes they go through and the things they leave behind like climbing onto your lap just because they can… but then the next phase hits and its a whole new adventure!

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