Such a flirt!

Driving home one afternoon I look to my left and Tris is looking at me chin resting in his palm with a shy smile…

Me:”What are you doing?”
Tris:”Flirting with you…”
Me: “And what does flirting mean?”
Tris: Flirting is when you show someone that you think they are beautiful”
Me: “Wellll… yes, but flirting is also a way of showing someone that you want them to be your girlfriend”
Tris:”Ewwww you cant be my girlfriend you’re my Mom… but I still think you’re beautiful!”

Heart melt, this gorgeous baby boy of mine in 3 simple statements managed to take away a lifetime of self hate. I have body issues, I truly don’t see myself as pretty, once upon a time I was… but now when I look in the mirror all I see is baby fat that I haven’t been able to shake in 8 years (don’t get me wrong I carry each kilo with pride), I see double chin and flabby belly… the only thing I really like about myself is my eyes.

This is not just my opinion about myself, this is how other people see me. After finding myself divorced I was dipping my big toe in the dating pool… probable the worst year of my life. I actually got told by some nameless idiot that he thinks we would be great together so I must please contact him again when I have lost at least 15kg’s… low low low blow.

But now looking into my son’s loving eyes, knowing that he sees me as beautiful… well how do you argue that!

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2 Responses to Such a flirt!

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh Rochelle, this brought tears to my eyes. What a smart boy you have there! You are beautiful to him and this is what truly matters!! 🙂

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