Letting go and moving on…

My divorce was a sad affair… though its been 6 years when I think back I can still see myself dazed, glass-eyed and wondering how… how… how did I find myself in this position…

On the 8th of August 2007 my husband at the time informed me that he has gender issues, he felt like a woman trapped in a mans body… this was the day before Woman’s day (Irony is my middle name!). By the 20th of November of the same year I was divorced (this also being our wedding anniversary… told you irony!) The rest of the sad story I really don’t want to rehash.

It took time, it took therapy, it took little boy hugs kisses and snuggles, and eventually it took new found love to convince me that I’m Ok, that I’m not less of a woman and that I’m worthy of the love I have in my life. But I did get there, I did get over it.

My son is happy and loved, I have a man I love who loves me right back (while wearing pants), I have a job I would never have dreamed of even applying for back then and I have found the place I can call home. So in my mind that fateful day, however painful, opened a whole new world for me and though life isn’t always rosy I’m a hell of a lot happier now than I was back then!

These two dates will always form part of me (as does the dates of my brother and father’s deaths) and at strange times I will realize the date and think…Oh… but I can in complete truth and honesty say…I have let go, I have moved on…

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4 Responses to Letting go and moving on…

  1. Net Ek says:

    I am so happy that everything worked out for you!

  2. Sasha says:

    Rochele, yours is story of such strength and beauty. I love your honesty and frankness, the way you take a broken situation and find the heart to go forward still. May your joy bloom more and more each day!

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