World Peace … or is that World Domination

My son has solved the problem of world peace!

We sat around last night discussing World War II, and the possibility of a World War III and that the odds are high that should there be a WW III it will likely be about water.

Tris sat and chewed on this for a while, when we did the dishes he created the super soldier concept (combining DNA to create the perfect soldier, yeah i know not new… but he is 8). by this morning he had it all worked out…

He will study to become a scientist (Mad Scientist) and create the aforementioned super soldier, who will be unbeatable. Thus protecting South Africa’s water resources. The rest of the world will be jealous and will want their own super soldiers, he will, being the only one who can, make a deal with them… If they want a super soldier they can have them as long as they sign a peace-treaty with SA and any other country who has super soldiers.

So I posed the question of loyalty, how will he insure that those countries don’t use their soldiers against us… apparently this is solved easily. The super soldiers will be South Africans and will only be rented out to the other countries for protection, they will always be loyal to him.

Once every country can afford a troop of super soldiers South Africa will be the richest country in the world. Every country will have a peace-treaty with every other country and thus we will have world peace…

And if the rest of the world doesn’t play ball… he will rule them all!! Bwahahahahaha

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2 Responses to World Peace … or is that World Domination

  1. Sasha says:

    Hahaha, his little mad scientist mind definitely boasts its creativity! Perhaps novelist or screen writer in the future? 🙂

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