We are a family of readers, my mother and father where both readers, my uncles and aunts are all readers and my son is a reader too.

I love books, yes we have tablets in the house filled with ebooks, but i love the feel of a book in my hand (plus you cant read with a tablet in the bath… my favorite place to read) I love looking and my book cases (plural…we have them all over the house) and seeing them filled to the brim. Hubby’s father does woodwork and is in the process of making us another bookcase as at the moment we have books stuffed in closets all over the house… they need a resting place!

But now I digress…

Tris loves reading and he will go to bed half an hour earlier than he needs to just to be able to read in bed till 8. So on Monday I was taking an early bath and when I got out Tris was tucked in our bed “I want to read with you” he says… so I call hubby with instructions to bring up his book and we all snuggled in with our books for half an hour. 

This has now become one of our little things, every night this week at 7:30 Tris goes to gather everyone books and we lounge around reading… I love it!




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2 Responses to Bookworms…

  1. TimeDancer says:

    I hope that as my daughter grows older, that I can foster a love of reading in her as well. I used to get in trouble for reading all of the time, but I didn’t care, because it was worth it to read longer. My teachers and mom would actually hide my books… haha. Happy reading!

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