The long awaited holiday!

We have a trip to the coast coming up in October… and we are all way tooo excited!

This trip started taking shape in November of last year and even though its only a 7 day vacation we have it crammed to the brims! All normal discussions have stopped we nearly only talk “trip”, what must we take with, what will we do (daily! hourly if we don’t put the brakes on!), what must we remember… we even sat down to make a check list so we don’t forget something vital like our swimwear.

The reason for all this irrational excitement is easy this will be our first family vacation! Tris has been to the sea, but that was with his gran, hubby and I have been but Tris was unable to come with us (I don’t get the no kids at wedding thing) so this time round it will really be a family first πŸ™‚

I cant wait to put my toes in the sand and build sandcastles fit for a dragon invasion, to teach our son how to body surf and apply sunscreen by the gallons (my skin fries in the sun). To lounge on the beach with a good book while my boys play Frisbee. Playing games on the balcony as the sun sets and exploring the area.

Simply put “I CANT WAIT!”

Ps. this is an extremely busy time of the year for me at work so my so posts will be few and far between.

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4 Responses to The long awaited holiday!

  1. Yay!!! Have fun on your beach vacation! I cannot imagine keeping up with a job + 2 kids + a blog. You deserve your vacation!!

  2. Sasha says:

    Oh, I am so excited for you guys!!! Take lots and lots of pictures and enjoy each and every moment together! I can’t wait to read all about it! πŸ™‚

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