Family Holiday!

I was sitting on the balcony last Thursday my mind skimming over all the memories we made during our holiday and think how I would like to share this with the world… All i kept thinking is that there is no way to accurately describe the feeling of bliss we experienced. In short this holiday was PERFECT!

The memories of family holidays I have are all rather stress filled, I grew up in a combined house hold. My step father had two sons and my mom had my brother and me… all i can remember is the fighting and stress surrounding these scares holidays. So in my mind before we left I was kind of waiting for the fighting and stress to start… needless to say they never did!

Our trip to the coast started at 3:30 in the morning… we all jumped out of bed ready to pack and hit the road, after finding the nearest gas station for a strong cup of coffee! We are not morning people and NEED our coffee to take the edge of the edginess.  Armed with coffee we headed out for Natal (about a 6-7 hour drive). What a pleasure… Tris had his books loaded onto one tablet and his movies on the other, adequately entertained we where not bombarded with questions of “Are we there yet?”

We saw the sun come up over the farmlands:


The drive down was rather uneventful, we just enjoyed the ride and had permanent smiles plastered on our faces!

We arrived safely, unpacked quickly and headed for the beach, Tris was not to keen on the big waves (the previous week had been rather stormy in Natal so the ocean was restless) but he was in seventh heaven and running around in his own little world, water bending the waves:

1780755_10152440798769537_285370118219268290_n 10624714_10152440798579537_5408051579958733317_n10290173_10152440798519537_1747932334506587867_n

The Saturday we spent at the beach swimming and trying to help Tris with his bogie board. (he kept running away when a wave was coming his way, he did however get the hang of it eventually) Oooo yes and the beach has its own super tube!

1921986_10152440799559537_9149555066089771689_n 10734145_10152440799814537_6217983206548966706_n

On the Sunday we drove through to my brothers’ place, I had not seen him in over 2 years, when we stopped and he finally let released me from the bear hug i stood back and felt tears gathering my baby brother looked like a MAN. He looked his age he looked healthy (he is recovering drug addict) he looked happy. I couldn’t be happier! We went for breakfast and i just sat there staring… every one came up to greet him and greet us because he has been bending every ones ears about his sis and nephew coming. He had only met my better half once before at a cousins wedding so the two of them finally got to know each other properly.

After breakfast we headed to Flag Animal Farm, what an amazing place. Its a completely privately owned farm animal rescue center, we are currently in spring time so there where little babies all over the show! Below is the cutest little goat I have EVER seen!!

10441419_10152440800449537_37798727838564287_n 10613107_10152440800269537_7970492741941598292_n10351894_10152440800374537_1355260282524132822_n 10710551_10152440800194537_7522361773727140741_n 10734145_10152440800334537_6507302496487688429_n

Lunch at a beach restaurant and a quick trip to the beach all happened with fun and laughter. At the beach my brother and I needed to take a moment to our self. Our father passed away little more than 3 years ago and his ashes have been with me ever since. It was time for me to let go, for me to allow my brother to let go too.  We took his ashes to an alcove and had a good cry over the man my father was the life he had led and how terribly we miss him. For me it was very healing, I had been holing on to so much anger surrounding my fathers passing and I needed to forgive my brother, letting go felt amazing.

We headed back in silence, I needed it.

Monday rolled along and we headed for Croc World. I must admit the highlight for us all happened the moment we go there. Croc World houses 6 of the deadly 12 snakes (Tris is a huge snake fan!) so  we headed for the snakes first as we stood there admiring the first snake one of the snake handlers approached Tris, introduced himself and asked if we want to see something amazing… YES! He took us to a room around the corner housing 3 baby crocodiles. He took a 6 month old croc and showed tris how to hold him, the smile on that boys face was priceless! We each got a turn to hold the croc. Those little buggers are stronger than they look!

10353115_10152440800499537_2933382489780798230_n 10612767_10152440800744537_6855357183358103393_n 10620666_10152440801739537_6926506294351369228_n

The rest of the day just went perfectly!

Tuesday we went meandering all over, stopped at banana beach where I promptly went and broke my toe!

Wednesday we took a beach day, it was cloudy so lovey decided he didn’t need sunscreen (yes i know, i know!) he burnt himself a whole new shade of crimson! I couldn’t go swimming so I was in charge of photo’s for the day. Daddy was transformed into a merman, Tris into a human sand castle and My poor broken toe was the focal point of the mother of all sand castles. We had ice-cream and hotdogs, Tris bogie boarded like an old pro all in all another perfect day!

1900082_10152440802994537_3320541778335440089_n 10702129_10152440803854537_7520075107177812416_n

Thursday came along and it was not just cloudy but cold so we decided to have a games day, we played rummy, go fish, pictaunary and the boys favorite Magic (i beat them both!) This ended our holiday fun…

Looking out at the beautiful view from our balcony I knew that this holiday would be the one all holidays in the future will be measured against… simply perfect!


On the drive back we stopped at the smallest church imaginable, it can only hold 12 people at a time!


I know this post is super long… I’m sorry…

Choosing the pictures was difficult.. we took over 600 photo’s and they are all amazing…

Back to work for me now…

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2 Responses to Family Holiday!

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh what great memories! I am so happy you reconnected with your brother–such a beautiful story!

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