Silly season…

I have a love hate relationship with the month of December! My heart loves this time of year and my wallet hates it…

There is sooo much to do, Tris has his birthday on the 7th (which means that he believes the month belongs to him, presents from beginning to end!) So its time to get ready for his party and meeting new people (this is his first year in this school so I don’t know any of the moms) getting gifts, stopping fights and bringing kids down from the inevitable sugar high. Fun fun fun… luckily I’m not stuck on cleanup duty as we’re having the party at a local family restaurant… jippeee for me!

But before his party we have two carols by candlelight to attend, the first happening tonight, I love Christmas carols, they just have a way of making me feel all warm and fuzzy… and with everyone singing together no one hears my horribly false singing! Tonight we will be attending the carols with a nigh-time street fair… perfect for getting handmade gifts. Somewhere between now and Christmas we will also take a drive, we have some wonderful neighborhoods where every body light up their houses like… well… like a Christmas tree!

Then its Tris’s party… I cant believe he is turning 9 already. I’m 100% sure I was still changing his nappy a couple of years ago… time is not standing still! Next year he will be hitting his double didgets… I will be the mother of a 10 Year Old, heaven help me the teens are on the way!!

I have a whole month off and cant wait to spend that time with my (not so baby) baby boy. We plan on taking on our garden which has been taken over by mint (does anyone know how to get rid of the stuff?? Just pulling them out doesn’t seem to be working!?!) Tris has been saving with his granny to buy himself a bicycle and will be able to do so next week (he is much better at saving his money than I am) so we will be heading for some bike trails to see if he can get through December without breaking any bones.

Oh wonderful family Christmas day will be on us before we know it and this year my parents in law (or soon to be) will be joining my side of the family… I hope they survive it! Our family Christmas day is always fun, but we are a big family and it tends to get noisy and confusing for outsiders (we have a open door policy this time of year if you have no place to go then you come to us).

After all the festivities where not done yet, we have a kids party right before new years and then the new years party… thankfully our friends all have kids so this is not an excuse to get drunk and forget the past years worries type of party, rather just friends getting together to greet the new year and reminisce about the past year’s ups and downs… I can in all honesty say this has been a great year for me and my family!

I hope every one has a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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4 Responses to Silly season…

  1. Sasha says:

    Enjoy your month of happy business! πŸ™‚ And happy birthday to your big guy!!!

  2. A month off! Awesome! Ah, the stressful happiness of December. πŸ™‚ At least we do not have a birthday party on top of Christmas this month. Thankful for that! However, I hope yours will be merry and bright, both the birthday and Christmas!

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