My Triston child…

The day you where born will be forever imprinted in my mind… not because of the troubles surrounding your birth, but because that is the day my entire world took on new meaning! The doctor showed me your scrunched up little face for all of two second before they carted you off… yet i remember every line of the face, it was you, my son… my sun to orbit around… the reason for every breath from that moment onward to the day I lay my head down for the last time.

Ever step of your extremely long almost nine year of life is a part of me, as much a part of me as every laugh line on my face (you caused most of those lines!) I carried you in my arms until you where ready for your first steps… I held your hand and saw the utter amazement at the upright world when you took those first steps. I held your hand and fought back the waterworks as I took you to your first day at preschool… you let go of my hand and went in there like you owned the place one slightly unsteady step in front of the other… you never cried or looked at me with uncertainty in your eyes (the way I was looking at you). That is so utterly you!

You, my Triston child, an utterly amazing human being, are growing into a man to be proud of. You take such pride in your achievements and even when you fail you don’t let it define you, you get up and try again. I hope that one day you will look in the mirror and see what I see… a smart, funny, caring, loving so so so loving little man in the making!

I know the years ahead of us will be filled with ups and downs and regardless of what you say now there will come a day when hugging your mom in public will be the un-coolest thing imaginable. When that day comes I promise you I will still be hugging you! Because my Triston child there are not enough words in any language to adequately describe the love I feel for you… some things can only be said in a hug.

When you were that helpless little baby two winks ago I held you in my arms and I forgot every singe lullaby I’d ever know… I looked at you and started singing YOUR song… to this day and always I will remember each and every word, bad poetry and all…

Triston child my baby boy
Triston child my pride and joy
little angel precious child

Close your eyes drift away 
Dream your dreams of yesterday
Take a magic carpet ride 
through the clear Arabian skies
Fight a pirate be a king
win the princes with a diamond ring

Triston child my baby boy
Triston child my pride and joy
little angel precious child

You, my Triston child can be anything you want to be, except for a singer… my son you have your mothers voice, stay off the stage! You can be a pirate or a king and one day you can even win your princes… any woman will be lucky to call you their love. I know that I am!

I love you so much it hurts… and its the best kind of hurt there is. You are so excited for your birthday to come, counting down the days… and I’m counting with you because when I look at what you have done with the nine years you have under your belt I know that the next nine years will be equally amazing and I have a front row seat!

I love you heart body and soul… you are my pride and joy!

Love your slightly teary mother.


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2 Responses to My Triston child…

  1. Kim says:

    What a touching post! Thank you for sharing your heart.

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