The blemish …

I’ve been a bad blogger… and I’m OK with that.

Years ago when I started my first blog I tried my best to scribble down a post every second day or so… back then I had the time for it. Now I just don’t seem to be able to settle down for 5 minutes to write what I would like to write… so I apologize, it’s not going to get better, it might even get worse.

So here is to getting caught up on the life of this complete stranger…

We went camping with the In-Laws


We saw some wild


Making breakfast is apparently a 3 MAN job


We fearlessly took on the superslides


I broke my toe… again…


Hubby thought he was flying


Tris ran up there a gazillion times


First time playing mini-golf… and the little bugger gets a hole-in-one on the most difficult one!

We went to a Chinese New Year Celebration…


Awesome buildings


Dragon… very long dragon!


The way they move is amazing…


Triston decided to be camera shy


Very camera shy…


Just because its beautiful


making my New Years wish


Getting bitten by a dragon


The martial arts demonstration left Tris grinning from ear to ear…


Tris with his gran… the bold guy freaked him out!

Now if you have scrolled down to here you can see we had a wonderful month of love… it had but one huge blemish.

Last week Monday hubby called me at work and told me he was being arrested… I thought he was joking and started telling him it was a horrible thing to joke about, then I heard the hitch in his voice followed by “I’m serious!”

I stopped breathing…

He was being arrested for a crime committed in 2007 by a person with the same name. Apparently some guy took a girl out for coffee one Friday morning at 10 in Bloemfontein (this is in another province) they sat there for hours and when night came she gave her car keys to this guy who then promptly drove off with her car never to be seen again!

Hubby spent the night in jail… and I’m not getting into the conditions of South African jails! I was only able to get the evidence that he was living and working in Centurion at the time of the crime, and thankfully his old employer still had the records to proof that on the specific day he allegedly stole the car he was at work… and not joy riding in stolen vehicles.

He was released the next day… but it shook our little family to its core.

That would be one experience I’d prefer never to repeat…

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6 Responses to The blemish …

  1. Kim says:

    Yikes….a scary situation for your husband indeed! I enjoyed your post though…especially all the great photos of your family doing fun things together. Glad to read a post from you. I know it is tough to find time to write as a mom!!

  2. Oh my god, I would have died! I totally relate with your best intentions to keep up with blogging feeling. I like the “blog when I feel like it” motto! πŸ˜‰

  3. Um Whaaaaat!!! Now there’s a new story for you. Being arrested because some loser has your name. Glad ya’ll were able to get out of that jam, but I can’t believe he actually had to spend a night in jail!! This is crazy!! Don’t worry about being a ‘bad blogger’. We all have our good blogger and our bad blogger phases. I blog at the expense of sleep, but hardly anyone reads it anyway. haaaa! But it’s still therapeutic for me, so I comfort myself with that thought. πŸ™‚ Here’s to a great week! Hope you can all stay out of the slammer…

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